Sunday, 26 May 2013

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon 'Late' Review

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon takes insanity to a whole new level and it does so in such an awesome manner.

You play as the character Sergeant Rex Power Colt an american cybernetic super-soldier  in a fictional 2007, where the world is in disarray from a nuclear war. The story begins as you and another cyber soldier, called Spider, go to investigate an unnamed island to find the whereabouts of Colonel Sloan. When you reach Colonel Sloan he explains his evil plans, of setting off rockets to revert the world to a prehistoric like state, he then kills Spider with ease and knocks you unconscious and goes about his plans to bring treachery to the world. This opens your mission to to find Sloan and kill him before his plans unfold.

Now to the insane awesomeness that 'Blood Dragon' brings to the table. To bring Sloan to his demise you must battle through an army of Cyborgs called the Omega Force and futuristic dragons that can fire laser beams from there mouth,with an arsenal of laser guns and other heavy weaponry at your hands to do so. Also with each battle and confrontation you occur your ears are presented with 80's techno trance music in the background. Now i know what you're thinking that it sounds a bit over the top? Well it is. FarCry 3: Blood Dragon is the definition of over the top in gaming, but it does so, so brilliantly and there is no way you cant enjoy its 80's techno rhythm as you maul an army of cyber soldiers single handedly.

Visually the game is fantastic, it combines with retro pixelated cut scenes to fit the 80's theme with sharp appealing game-play graphics. The scenes you will find in 'Blood Dragon' are brilliant, it presents a dark futuristic world that is enjoyable to explore from start to finish. Away from the main missions you will find yourself chasing strange animals and saving scientists that are trapped by more cyber soldiers. With the game-play it is much the same as FarCry 3, there are a number of Garrisons that you can take over by killing all the enemies that surround it and you can do so in whatever way you please. You can go guns blazing setting off all alarms waiting for enemy reinforcements and shoot, stab and blast every single one of them away. Or you can stealth your way in silently killing the few enemies that are there with your trusty bow and no one noticing that you were even there.With the added choice that you can even throw a cyborg heart into the mix and wait for a dragon to come and destroy the enemies for you which very satisfying as you sit intently watching the mayhem before your eyes.

FarCry 3: Blood Dragon brings humour with quirky comments from the Rex throughout with cyber mayhem and awesome destruction in a classic 80's futuristic over the top world that works well and plays magnificently. The only down fall of this game is that it may only take you around 4 hours to complete and it will leave you just wanting more of its crazy and outrageous antics. It has the greatness of FarCry 3 with added Cyborg soldiers, Dragons, Cyber sharks, Laser guns, explosions and outright stupid comedy that will have you enjoying every minute. How can you not enjoy such insane events?

The verdict is a high score of 88/100

The Good:

  • Outrageous Humour 
  • Brilliant Game play
  • An arsenal of laser guns
  • Futuristic Visuals
  • Over the top awesome fun
The Bad:
  • Just not long enough
  • Some Cut scenes drag on a bit

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