Friday 27 September 2013

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Ep1 Review

This isnt something ive done before and its not really game related as usual but since i am a big fan of Marvel and love all the movies that have recently come out, i thought id put my opinion out there, stating whether or not Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is worth the watch. I will also try to avoid major spoilers.

Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D brings a different view point from our normal scenes of Thor, Hulk, Iron man and Captain America. It's really our first view from behind the scenes. We do hear about SHIELDS in each of the corresponding movies, mostly pissing people off and being secretive about everything, and never really getting to meet the team and knowing fully what they're about. So with the first episode of the series we are brought to the back stages of the Super Hero world and it goes into much greater detail of what SHIELD is really all about.

The thing that is nice about the episode is that it links everything in with the movie's of the avengers and so on. It ties it in very well making us aware that this world knows, to some extent, about the super natural. This is really the purpose of SHIELD to protect the population from the truth and to avoid them fully knowing that there are super humans out there, bad and good. Which is obviously difficult with people like Hulk tearing shit up.

The basics of the episode is well structured, it has some known faces of the SHIELD team that we see in the movies and the humour from previous Marvel Films, especially The Avengers, that is a great touch for fans to love. There are a number of witty jokes that will have you laughing away but it does seem they played on this part too much,with some of the jokes really being a hit or miss, but nothing to take you away from the enjoyment of the episode.

Apart from the humour that it brings there are a number of exciting events that happen within the episode, that really had me surprised. It genuinely is thrilling and brings a sense of drama to make the series exciting. It has some beginnings of great cliff hangers and secrets that will make us curious and wanting to watch more with some sweet action scenes that are awesome too. The basis of the episode (not in great detail to avoid spoilers) is that there are some super humans in the world that SHIELD dont really know about and they have to protect these people before anything bad happens to them and the public. A simple enough storyline for the first episode or so it seems. The episode has some twists that are unexpected and a number of character developments that will have you intrigued throughout, and overall a good starting point for the series. This was something i was skeptical about, the characters. However the acting is brilliant and each character holds there own ground and plays each part really well, each fitting well with the style they play. As it is the first episode no one is brought into much depth but the ground work that has been done on each character opens up a number of development possibilities and it will be interesting how they develop each of them in there own light.

So is Marvel's Agents of Shield worth your time? Most certainly. It is a genuine drama thriller that will have you intrigued throughout, the whole episode with its witty humour and nice twists with action intertwined is there to create a good solid first episode and a real stepping stone for a series that could possibly be great.

So what did you think about the first episode? Let me know in the comments.

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Saturday 14 September 2013

Fifa 14 Demo: First Impressions

Its that time of year again when Fifa 14 has its next roster pack for the up coming season. But will this fifa finally bring a new, better, fantastic, realistic, revolutionary football experience. Well not really, but it is an improvement to say the least.

As it is a demo we cant say that this is exactly how the game will play when its released. However it is a taster of what we can expect.  As always every year there is a slight improvement within gameplay but nothing really revolutionary to make us think 'WOW it cant get any better than this' and with the impression of the demo it has really done the same thing. However there are some improvements that make it better than the previous installment. The way the players move is much better and most aspects of the game seem to have improved slightly. The player movement is generally more realistic with turning with the ball and how the player runs and reacts to the surroundings. For example something ive always hated in fifa 13 is when the ball comes to a players chest, it is near impossible to control it regardless of what you press, it just bounces straight up in the air. Now it seems the ball has a mind of its own and with the player movement the ball will go in that direction meaning you can chest the ball in a direction, its nothing amazing but turning the ball on the chest to run and take a shot is pritty sweet.

This, I feel is one of the big aspects that has changed, that the ball seems to not be fully connected to the player and has a a sense of  free movement. It can bobble with a bad touch and depending on how the player reacts to the pass, depends on the movement of the ball and it makes the game look really good and realistic. Really the only features that have changed are the way the players move and how they react with the ball. Nothing else is really game changing. But thats not to say its the exact same game, making it no good. It is different it does feel better and much more like football, having knitty gritty challenges look brilliant and the whole experience is much nicer. Nothing outstanding but ... good.

There are a number of worries i have that seem to be coming up in each fifa that everyone moans about. First is speed. Speed is something that you had to have in fifa 13. If you didnt have a fast team it was most likely you were going to lose. And it has changed but in opposite sides of the pitch. What i mean is that fast strikers sprinting with the ball is very difficult to control, constantly hitting it ahead of him far too much or turning in directions when sprinting is challenging but thats good. Fast defenders are where i see a problem. It seems if you are a striker if your up against the likes of Kyle Walker he will catch you immediately even when having a head start with say Neymar. It seems you have to time when to sprint when on the ball, but hopefully fast defenders wont be too over powering when it comes to the real game because they just seem to catch you too quick. Another issue i have is the goal keepers, will they ever not be sooo damn stupid? When you have keepers in real football running out to the ball they make themselves big and wide to lower the goal scoring opportunity, but with this, the keepers run out and fall like a bag of potatoes ... useless. It seemed so many times when i scored or the computer scored the ball always went over there heads as they never stand tall, they just fall in a horizontal line. Also a number of times when crossing the ball the keepers just dont even know what to do smashing it over the bar or even punching the ball in the goals. This i understand as at corners keepers were ridiculously over powered BUT a number of times ive had corners taken into me and the keeper just punches the ball in the goal, Very annoying. Hopefully these will just be bugs within the demo. Here's hoping.

One main thing that has got me pumped for Fifa 14 is the new online game mode, Co-op Seasons. This is where you and a friend can play online season matches against 2 other people. So you can try to get to division one with one of your friends and it doesnt effect your personal rating or records and you can do it with multiple friends. This brings a whole new ball game to online mode for fifa and its something that will have everyone playing for much longer, in my opinion.

Anyway my first impressions so far is, it looks good, just not amazing ... Yet. The real game can improve as it is just a demo. What im looking forward to, is if it will be any different on the next gen consoles. Ive heard it feels better but how much of a difference im not sure. I am sure though that Fifa 14 will be as big as every other Fifa and we will all love it regardless or is there a market for Pro Ev to come in and take the crown?

Thanks for Reading, let me know what you thought of the demo!


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Thursday 29 August 2013

'The Last of Us' New Mulitplayer

It was just a few days ago actually that i had posted why you shouldn't miss 'The Last of Us' multiplayer and now there giving us even more reason not to miss out on it with a new (free) dlc for another multiplayer mode. Currently there are only two modes with Supply Raid and Survivor now we have the introduction of Interrogation mode.

As i am a big fan of The Last of Us online this just gets me even more excited and the mode does sound pritty damn cool. Basically, the interrogation mode comes down to the usual 2 teams; one team protecting a safe and another trying to break into the safe, assuming its a safe full of supplies for your clan. So what they attackers have to do to find the location of this safe, is to interrogate 5 members of the opposing team to get enough information to find the safe. When the team has located the safe it really turns into a basic death match to kill the other players and get to the safe and get the supplies.

The interrogations themselves are said to be like special execution kills but will take a longer time to actually perform, meaning if you're caught in the act it'll be rather easy to kill you. What im interested in though is how this will work with the end result. For example the modes just now, even if you lose and die so many times, you can still walk away with enough supplies for your clan to survive. I would like to think, if this is a safe full of supplies the losing team would walk away with nothing meaning there clan will lose members making this mode much more tactical than the others as winning is the key factor.

This mode in my opinion works brilliantly with the game and im really excited for it to come out and think most fans of the multiplayer will no doubt be pleased with what naughty dog are bringing to the franchise.

Are you excited for more of 'The Last of us'? and are you hoping for a story mode dlc? let me know in the comments.

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Monday 26 August 2013

Concerns about Beyond Two Souls

This is a game im really looking forward to, with big film industry names of Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe its sure to be a big hit when its released, right? Well with the game trailer above it describes the game, the concept and really what its all about, but with all this information it does raise a few concerns.

First my concern is the  gameplay aspects of the game. Its said that you can control both Jodie Holmes(Ellen Page) and her entity that is connected with her, Aiden. My concern about this aspect is how the game will work both of these concepts together and for it make sense. Will it be a case that you can always control Aiden or will it only be some missions that you can use it. With a number of game play videos it is quite confusing with actions scenes of Jodie and other aspects showing how you use Aiden, so with a few months still to be release its a game that not everyone is fully certain on the actual gaming aspects of the game. 

Another big concern is the span of the story for the game. The plot is based around Jodie Holmes and you will take her through a journey from the age of 5 to 23. What concerns me about this, is the fact that that is a lot of years of a lot of again confusing gameplay. It sounds like this could be a great story and would stand brilliantly with a good movie but a game? It is a tad iffy in my view. It could turn out to be amazing for sure but everything ive seen so far just looks like a good story and how the gameplay will work with the story is my biggest concern with this game. The video above shows like a number of different Jodies, for example the young girl to the Gothic themed and then the early twenties. What i want to know is how the actual gameplay will work with this large scale of the developing character. Sure stories within games are becoming bigger hits with AAA titles, like The Last of Us. But the gameplay aspects have to be apparent from the outset and everyone knew with The Last of Us what basic gameplay to expect. With Beyond Two Souls it isnt as clear. 

The game will have Drama, action and a thrilling story, but how the gameplay will make this a good game and not just a story, to me, is unclear. One thing is for sure im really excited about its release and anticipating something great.

Watch the video above and Let me know what you think about Beyond Two Souls and if you have any concerns about the game.

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Saturday 24 August 2013

Why you shouldn't miss 'The Last of Us' multiplayer

'The Last of Us' obviously is no doubt the biggest release this year and debated one of the best exclusives on PlayStation to date. With its moving story and amazing character development throughout it truely has merited that accolade to say the least. But after its brilliant story mode that will leave you in shock,have you in tears and leave your jaw firmly placed on the floor for days, you really shouldnt stop the game there.

Most would suspect that with great story based games comes a lazy, repetitive and tiresome mulitplayer and its seen with a number of games, that the online just doesn't cut it. With the likes of Uncharted, Tomb Raider, God of War and more, all bringing outstanding gameplay mechanics and great storylines for the player to experience, but companies are adamant on adding a poor quality online mode that seem like its just been made for the sake of it. Online modes that just dont do the game justice, bringing nothing new to the table making it something we all just overlook.

The Last of Us online takes things to a whole new level of brilliance. It something new, different, innotave and stands along side with the story as an absolute treat that you shouldnt miss. What makes The Last of Us online so special is that it brings a severe tension for your own survival. Most games you run about like a headless chicken shooting everything in site and running rampage. This is something you cannot do in The Last of Us.

Whats nice about the multiplayer is that it brings a story to your cause. Its not just heres the map, these are the bad guys kill everyone. You have a specific purpose. You choose between a survivor or a firefly and you are given your own clan. This clan is completely AI and you never actually see them but you have to care for them and the game makes it brilliantly that you genuinely care about them. Pete is making toast, awww Pete what ye like. It notifies you what your group are doing while surviving in the camp, letting you know how many are healthy,hungry or sick. So what you have to do is go on supply raids and collect, well, supplies to feed your group and grow your clan. The more survivors you have the more supplies you'll need to get. To get these supplies you enter a 4v4 death match basically and you can collect supplies that are scattered across the map and kill the opposing team members stealing their supplies. If you dont get enough supplies for your group they begin to get hungry then sick and become infected killing off a number of people in your group ... Katie is eating the corpse of Pete, FUCK SAKE KATIE!

Giving more purpose in the game, there is a number of tasks you have to do to avoid deaths within your clan. An example, a massive pack of fireflys are passing by your camp, so now as well as getting supplies in the matches you must either, get between 3-9 downs, revive 5-15 team mates and so on. If you fail to succeed in these tasks, a large percentage of your clan will die. This adds a bigger purpose in the matches you play and again giving you more meaning to the game than just kill the other guys. With The Last of Us you really are fighting for your survival.

As i said, you cant go running around gun blazing here as if you die you're basically giving the opposin team supplies and you're losing your chance to keep your clan healthy. Because of this fact you really do fear for your own life. The game focuses a lot on stealth, movement and catching your opponent off guard. However if you are caught and shot down, you will be left crawling on the ground looking for a team mate to help you before you die. This aspect adds a great sense of danger as you try to crawl away and the opponent chases you down slamming you to the ground and smashing your face with a gun, leaving you in rage and will have you screaming for your life, it really is something extraordinary.

To win and get all the supplies you need you will have to be patient, crafty and smart to out wit your opponent. As, like in the story, you can craft certain items, online is no different you have to find the parts across the map to create bombs and medikits to help you survive and in doing so really creates a special kind of online experience.

 Just like the story it will have you tense throughout the whole match, fearing for, not only your own life, but others within your clan and it is an experience you do not want to miss. So if you have The Last of Us, completed the story or not, multiplayer is something you have to try for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Sunday 18 August 2013

Interview with 'Falchion Games'

We speak with Ben Burns Co-Founder of 'Falchion Games' on there new upcoming game 'Go To Hell Dave'.

'Go To Hell Dave' is a comical, retro point and click adventure game where the player takes control of the character Dave. You will take Dave on a tour through Hell's 9 floors on this hilarious adventure that cannot be missed. We find out more about the game and why you'll want to explore the not so familiar depths of Hell.

1. Go to Hell Dave as described is a retro point and click adventure game, but how did the this concept come about and what is the story line for the game?

Go to Hell Dave is all about a guy called Dave who crashes his car into a lamp-post whilst driving to the supermarket with his girlfriend. He wakes up at the gates of Hell, but this isn’t hell as anyone knows it. His girlfriend is missing, Satan is nowhere to be seen and Hell has become a dilapidated mess, filled with housing estates, strip clubs and all manner of bizarre and wonderful things.
The concept came about when we decided to start up our own studio and basically just wanted to make fun of British society. We had always had a lot of love for point-and-click adventure games and their naturally comedic tendencies were a logical choice for lampooning an entire country.

2.What do you think it is about Retro games that people love so much?

I can only really speak for myself, but I often find that the nostalgia factor plays a huge role. There’s something almost comforting about playing something that reminds me of my childhood; a simpler time when I didn’t have to take out the trash or pay council tax.

3. It is said that the game will have a lot of British humour throughout, what style of comedy inspired this within the game?

We’re big fans of classic British comedy such as Red Dwarf, Monty Python and Blackadder. British humour can often be quite surreal and at times, a little dark. But we also love American comedy, particularly some of the awesome animated shows such as Archer and the Boondocks. So we’ve mixed it up a bit and tried to be imaginative whilst also using references that people (particularly geeks and gamers) will chuckle at.

4 As its said to be British comedy do you think this type of comedy is universal to more than just the UK?

I’ve always felt that humour is universal. There are certain elements of human life that anybody, anywhere experiences. This is especially true in an age when we’re all constantly connected. Comedy is certainly subjective, but I think that when you have compelling characters and cool locations to explore, the humour comes organically from within the context of the setting.

5.The art style for Go to Hell Dave is a very nice cartoon style, was this to fit in with the comical type of game that it is?

Absolutely. The cartoony art-style juxtaposes really nicely with the often harsh locales that one would expect when exploring the underworld and enables us to maintain an overtone of humour, without sacrificing on the badass.

6. On the prototype videos the character of Dave does have voice acting, will all other character within the game have voice acting and, if so, are you looking to get a number of people doing them or do you plan to do it yourself?

Yes. We are currently in the process of casting all of the NPCs and we have already got some excellent talent on-board, including professional actors who have performed in box-office hits such as ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Jack and the Giant Slayer.’

7.There is mixed views on how it can be a difficult process in creating a game independently, how do you feel about development cycle in creating your game?

It certainly isn’t a walk in the park. We’ve had to sacrifice a lot just to keep working on the game and we still haven’t paid ourselves a salary. But we’ve had a lot of support from friends and family and (perhaps most importantly) from the gaming community. When you know people are excited about your game and you know that you have a fun game in the works, that is more than enough to drive you onwards.

8. Except from the obvious point and click aspect of the game will there be any other game mechanics in the game the player can look forward to?

We have some cool ideas in the works. I don’t want to say too much at this early stage but we intend to implement RPG-style combat, but not in the way anyone would expect and it will be purely optional and not even slightly serious.

9. Go to Hell Dave will also have 9 levels of Hell, What kind of level design and places will the player have to explore?

The nine levels will include a council estate, a country club, a Pokémon-style world of stamp collecting and battling and a boring sewer level (because every game has to have one.)

10. The game will be available on Steam, will it be available for any other type of platform in the future?
We hope to port it to Mac and Linux and we would love to get it on PSN or XBL. We’re also looking into the possibility of Android and Ouya. At the end of the day, we just want people to have access to our game and have fun playing it. So any platform that makes that happen is a possibility for us.

11. Go to Hell Dave will be going on to Kickstarter soon, if funded what is the money going towards for the game?

Amongst other things, the main bulk of the money will go towards paying our artists and voice actors, upkeep of our office and any publishing expenses. Pretty standard stuff really.

12. Some Kickstarters have numerous Tiers in which someone can give more money to back the game, have the team looked into what the Tiers will be like and will there be any benefits of backing more?

Yes. We intend to have some pretty cool tiers ranging from basic game packages that may include t-shirts, soundtrack or art-books. Right up to tiers that will enable you to send us pictures of yourself to be drawn, animated and put in the game as an NPC.

And Thats everything we have today from 'Falchion Games' be sure to check out the progress on the game with videos, art and more about Dave below:

From the office of Falchion Games: Go To Hell Dave

Thanks very much for Reading


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Saturday 17 August 2013

Premier Disaster

Premier Disaster was my first ever creation. My 1st year project consisting of myself, and 2 programmers. I created all the art work and Steven the programmer helped a lot with the the videos and trailers to make the game intro's etc look awesome.

 Premier Disaster is a Tower defence game that was to be created to the specification of a cinema based game. We decided to create the whole game cinema themed. The player is the key in defending a premier of a film where all the best actors and idols in the world are gathered. The famous names included are Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Chuck Norris,  Morgan Freeman and Justin Bieber. As you may have noticed the artwork for the characters are on the outside of this text. The player must use the popcorn shooters and more to stop crazed fans and paparazzi that are trying to get to the biggest celebrities. There are three    levels of the game and the fans get faster and stronger
 meaning you need to use  the towers efficiently to make them most effective. 

The video here shows all the towers you can use and what you need to do in the game in a power point format.